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England Schools Athletic Association Event Calendar 2022

The provisional calendar for England Schools 2022 track and field events is here

Sussex Races Forthcoming Events

A list of all forthcoming Sussex events.

sussex athletics track fixtures

Track fixtures - Sussex Athletics

The Southern Athletics League (SAL) is a joint men’s and women’s club competition and covers the South of England (SEAA) region. The SAL has five Divisions; Division 1, Division 2 East, Division 2 West, Division 3 North-east and Division 3 South-west. Each is made up of 16 to 20 teams.

UK road races

You can search for and enter Road races throughout the UK.

On the runbritain’s site you can see all of your results and those of all other affiliated runners. Plus you can see a chart of your progress, see where you rank locally and nationally, etc.

local road races

Road races in East Sussex

Nice Work is a long established family business, which started in 1989 and has grown to become one of the country’s leading race management companies. Nice Work put on very good local races for kids which HY Runners kids have thoroughly enjoyed.

Masters Events

Masters events can be found here and here.

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